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Diese Ausstellung von Alessio Cap de Gottardi (ETH Zürich) läuft bis zum 22.Februar 2018

Name: Lindsay the love doll

Item Number: PD3556-00

Item Package size : 5x19x30 cm

Package Weight: 404 grams

Features and Functions: Inflatable, Multiple Entries

Material: Vinyl

Country of Origin: China

This series of film stills is an attempt to dissolve art and life into one. Through a long and obsessive series of performances I developed a strong emotional connection to a product, to Lindsay the Love doll. I inflated Lindsay during one year and took her with me everywhere I went. From the first day I took care of her: we were travelling together and living together. My life became her life and through her presence, I could document our experiences and encounters. The journey we took was a search for home: the factory where Lindsay was produced in China. We travelled together from Buenos Aires to Chile, and then to Shanghai on board of a containership. From there we searched for factories and discovered Chinese culture. After a last stop in Japan, the performance came to its end, exactly one year after it began. A finite time frame in order to keep an obsession under control. Lindsay provoked emotions – offense, inappropriateness, jealousy but also kindness and happiness. Love is an egoistic emotion – by giving her my love she became love to me, she became a projection and bearer of emotions. Through my love for her other people started loving her too. She travelled, she danced, she posed, she hugged, she kissed. She never had her own emotions but she gave people the chance to express theirs.