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Aus Keine Klasse
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As some of you might have heard, we're planning a small two day happening at the Keine Klasse Container this coming monday and on the 1st of may. On monday the 30th of april we begin around 6pm with an open grill. There will be a small bar with some drinks but in general it's a bring your own beer, meat, soft drink or vegi thing. Open end.

Also there will be a small sound system (two tops, one sub, a mixer and two mics) as well as turntables and a CDJ (still open where we can get this from but we try hard - any clues are very appreciated) for possible performances, concerts, dj-sets. On the 1st of may the idea is to come together again to grill / eat again, having lectures, listen to texts or music, do gardening (plants are welcome : )

- in general what you would like to do or share with other people.

Friends and family are very welcome as well as people and animals in general.